Savannah's Assorted Wooden Spoons
Cherry and walnut wooden cookware
Assorted Wooden Utensils

About me

Hey, I'm Savannah and I make spoons, knives and other cooking utensils out of beautiful hardwoods. Each piece that you see has been hand carved, sanded, and finished by me!

Functional art- custom cookware.

These are the ideas that started this brand. I create each piece with the idea in mind that this is not only a tool, but something that adds character to the space that it occupies. To most, spoons and cooking utensils are just there when you need them, but to me they are a way of expressing style and creating a sustainable and reusable piece for your home. And it is no surprise that wooden cookware makes food taste better. Who likes to taste plastic anyways?

So thanks for stopping by, I hope you found what you are looking for! And even if you don't need utensils, they make a great gift! 


Handcrafted spoons, knives, and other unique pieces to make your life in the kitchen more enjoyable. Cooking and eating is good for the soul. Each piece is completely unique and has its own set of imperfections. They are made from hardwoods, sanded smooth and finished with a food grade combination of mineral oil and beeswax.