how do I wash my utensils?

Hand wash ONLY! Please do not put any of these pieces in the dishwasher. It is too hot and abrasive for the finish on the wood. Hand wash with some soap and warm water. Air or towel dry.

Are they safe to eat from?

Most definitely! I use a combination of beeswax and mineral oil that keeps the wood safe from water and all natural safe to eat from. Tested and approved by myself, my family, and babies.


Each utensil is 100% handmade from a block of wood, cutting it out, carving, and sanding. A lot of work but worth every minute!

Why spoons?

Im a builder of things, a lot of things but I love cooking and building something that is beautiful and has a purpose is the best feeling. I want people to love cooking and to love their kitchen when they add something that is not only useful but also a piece of art. We all love food, and getting that food from the table into the mouth is important!