Thank you for your interest in my work, it means a lot!

Because all of my pieces are handmade, I require a 15-piece minimum order to qualify for wholesale pricing. The following discounts are available as base options. Individual orders will be discussed, as it can vary based on what products you are interested in. To place an order or for more information, please email me directly: savannahswoodshop@gmail.com

15-24 piece order: 50% off current price list

25-49 piece order: 60% off current price list

50+ piece order: 70% off current price list

2019 Price list


Fork, Knife, Spoon set: $50.00

Basic Cooking Set (spreader, spatula, tasting spoon) $70.00


Large Serving Spoon: $45.00

Cooking Spoon: $35.00

Tasting Spoon: $30.00

Eating Spoon: $20.00

Eating Fork: $20.00

Small butter knife: $15.00

Large Pie/Cake Knife: $25.00

Spatulas: $25.00